Job Opportunities on Oasis Care and Training:

Oasis Care and Training Agency is an equal opportunities employer and has policies and procedures in place to ensure that no job applicant or employee receives less favourable treatment on the grounds of sex, age, race, colour, religion, disability, nationality or ethnic origin or is disadvantaged by conditions of requirements that are not essential for carrying out a job.

From time to time suitable vacancies may arise and Oasis Care and Training Agency’s Equal Opportunities Policy does not discriminate anyone from applying for jobs? Oasis Care and Training Agency offers suitable candidates the opportunity to make progress in their career through our training and development programme.

All staff must be committed to Oasis Care and Training Agency’s objectives and that of the National Minimum Standards, which is to provide professional care in a friendly and respectful manner to the Service User at all times. When vacancies arise, these will be posted here. Only request an application form if jobs are advertised.

You can request an application form in writing to us at our address below or emailing us.

Oasis Care and Training Agency
24-32 Murdock Street
London SE15 1LW
Or Email us at:


Carers Week – It is hope that there will be two days to celebrate our carers’ achievement in the month of July. Dates to be confirmed.

Carers Newsletter (Click here)

Staff Achievement: Congratulations to all our carers who have recently completed their NVQ Level 2 and 3.