Oasis Care and Training Agency code of practise encompasses the principal underpinning our approach to the delivery of services and highlights your rights as the recipient of services that we provide.

You have the right to

  • Receive a consistent and reliable care, support and training services which are appropriate for your needs and regularly monitored with your full participations.
  • Expect a high standard in the delivery of the services in line with maintaining the organisation’s principles of providing quality service to all users.
  • Refuse all or part of the service or request a change of care worker.
  • Make decisions about your own life including the right to take calculated risky decisions.
  • Complain about staff or any aspect of the service and make suggestion on how the service could be improved.
  • Expect yourself, your home and your belongings to be treated with respect.


Procedure around termination of service

The service we provide has been agreed with you and the Local Authority Care Manager. Normally services are agreed for a period of 3 months and then reviewed if your needs change at any time, to a greater or lesser degree. Please let us know so that we can inform the relevant authority. If you no longer require the service we will inform Social Services who will agree a final visit date with you.

There are other circumstances when a service may be terminated and these are

  • Concern for the health and safety of the care worker.
  • Discriminatory practise of any kind by you or someone at your home
  • Reports of sexual or racial harassment by you or someone at your home towards a care worker.
  • Where a service user, or a member of their house hold or friend is violent or abusive verbally or physically or behaves in a manner, which the worker considers offensive .